India Standards

Hindi / Urdu (transliteration)
South Asian English
Indian figurePower
Arabic figureCommon English
एक / ایک (ek)
दस / دس (das)
सौ / سو (sau)
one hundred
100102100One hundred
सहस्र (sahasra) / हज़ार / ہزار (hazār)
one thousand
1,0001031,000One thousand
दस हज़ार / دس ہزار (das hazār)
ten thousand
10,00010410,000Ten thousand
लाख / لاکھ (lākh)
one lakh (also lac)
1,00,000105100,000One hundred thousand
अदन्त / ادنت (adant) / दस लाख / دس لاکھ (das lākh)
ten lakh
10,00,0001061,000,000One million
करोड़ / کروڑ (karoṛ)
one crore
1,00,00,00010710,000,000Ten million
दस करोड़ / دس کروڑ (das karoṛ)
ten crore
10,00,00,000108100,000,000One hundred million
अरब / ارب (arab) / सौ करोड़ (sau karoṛ)
one arab / one hundred crore
1,00,00,00,0001091,000,000,000One billion

Electricity in India is AC 50 Hz, 240 Volts (alternating at 50 cycles per second). You will require a voltage converter if you are carrying a device that does not accept 240 Volts at 50 Hertz. The following types of sockets are common to India:

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