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Bihar is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world with history of 3000 years. The rich culture and heritage of Bihar is evident from the innumerable ancient monuments that are dotted all over this state in eastern India. This is the place of Aryabhata, Great Ashoka, Chanakya, Mahavira, Guru Gobind Singh, Chandragupta Maurya, Vātsyāyana, Sher Shah Suri and many other great historical figures.

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Patna – The capital of Bihar, famous for its rich history and royal architecture
Gaya – Known for Bodh Gaya the place at which Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment
Muzaffarpur – Famous for its education
Kesariya – Location of the world’s largest Buddhist Stupa
Nalanda – Location of one of the world’s oldest university
Sasaram – Tomb of Sher Shah Suri, the great Emperor of medieval India
Sonepur Cattle Fair – The Sonepur cattle fair or Sonepur Mela, it is the biggest cattle fair of Asia and stretches on from fifteen days to one month
Takht Sri Patna Sahib – One of the famous Sikh pilgrimage known for the birthplace of Sikh’s Tenth Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib
Darbhanga – It is among the oldest cities of Bihar. Famous for the Maharaja forts and Kali Mandir.
Munger – Home to the only Yoga University in the world, Bihar School of Yoga. Religious places such as Shakti Peethas.
Deoghar – One of the famous Hindu pilgrimage known for the Satsang Ashram of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra situated at Satsang Nagar
Vaishali – Lord Mahavir was born on the outskirts of this ancient city, and lived in Vaishali till he was 22

Bihar is one of the most sacred places of various religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism & Islam. Famous Attraction includes Mahabodhi Temple, a Buddhist shrine and UNESCO World Heritage Site is also situated in Bihar, Barabar Caves the oldest rockcut caves in India, Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library .

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